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        Serving  California    Los Angeles,  Orange,  Ventura,  Riverside,  San Bernardino,  &  San Diego Counties   
        • Drywall
        • Metal framing
        • Joint cement
        • Spray textures
        • Bullnose
        • Cornerbead
        • Fasteners
        • Job tools & supplies
        2340 S Mills St., Pomona ,CA (60 frwy & Reservoir)
        Howard & Sons Building Materials Inc.
           2006 - 20
        11    All rights reserved
        Office  909-591-1757
        Fax     909-591-9656
         Building America for 25 years!
        We are a major building materials
        supplier located in Pomona, California  
        committed to delivering the highest
        level of service to our Customers.  Our
        staff is available to answer your building
        material question / ordering needs,   
        Monday - Friday  6:00am - 4:30pm.
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